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At QIMTonline, we don't just want to be the best on-line metrology training provider, we are setting a new standard for the delivery of on-line training!

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Metrology Software for ISO/IEC17025 Laboratories

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ATTENTION: Our upcoming October, 2015 UPDATED "The Applied Science of Measurement Uncertainty Analysis" Training Course has only 5 (five) open seats left available. This is NOT a general topic overview type class, as provided by many others. Our primary objective for this course, is to provide training and hands-on assistance that prepares the attendees to meet the requirements of analyzing measurement uncertainty in their respective laboratories in accordance with the requirements of Laboratory Accreditation to ISO/IEC17025
To ensure our unique student "Learning Guarantee" is met, we restrict the size of our highly interactive measurement uncertainty classes to ensure that in the hands-on training portion of the class, we have enough time to work on actual measurement models from each attendees' work center. (Course includes a license for our unique open-view-math Microsoft® Excel® Addin based ISO GUM Method UncertaintyToolbox™ analysis software.
From NASA to general industry, over 1000 personnel from laboratories around the world, use UncertaintyToolbox™.

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: UncertaintyToolbox™ Version 3.33 is now available! Now compatible with Excel 2013, 2010, 2007SP1 and Office 365 (Desktop Version). New feature provides full functionality with industry specific Custom Templates. Includes a sample Custom Template, used to estimate uncertainty of measurement due to RF Mismatch. This template is based on the White Paper titled "Revisiting Mismatch Uncertainty with the Rayleigh Distribution".
The included RF/Microwave "Mismatch Uncertainty" Template replaces the previously recommended use of the U-Shaped Distribution, as it provides a more accurate estimate. The complexity in computation of the resulting standard uncertainty using the Rayleigh Distribution, combined with its limited use in RF/Microwave Power measurements, made it the perfect choice for our example "Custom Template". We continually improve UncertaintyToolbox™ to make the task of computing measurement uncertainty for all types of measurements easier, Custom Templates provide one more tool for us to use in achieving that objective.
Our Software User Groups Area provides support for QUAMETEC™ Microsoft® Excel® VBA based Metrology Software. UncertaintyToolbox™ is a trademark of the Quametec Corporation.

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Primary laboratory

Laboratory that performs internationally adopted fundamental metrological research and which realises and maintains standards at the highest international level.
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