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NOTE: The FREE Demo Courses are our older original training modules, developed without the same video tutorials and audio enhancements, etc. found in our Tuition-Based Courses. We hope to soon upgrade them to the same level of multimedia enhanced learning experience. But it gets even better as even those courses, have become obsolete in consideration of our NEW site software upgrade. Which provides us with many more fun, effective, learning tools to incorporate into our training modules. 

All of our Online Training Modules will soon be getting improved upon, based on our statistical database of student testing, which has been employed since QIMT began. The database highlights lessons that, based on student testing results, need improved. Our learning management system automatically advises us on areas to focus on, in our Continual Improvement Program. 

By Fall of 2016, we expect many new offerings will be available here at QIMTonline. Come back often, or login & subscribe to QIMT News.


James D Jenkins
Site News is Back
by James Jenkins - Saturday, April 16, 2016, 1:57 PM

For quite some time we have not used "Site News" and put it in the back room, so to speak. Anyways, now that I am investing more time into the Institute, not to mention money, as we just completed a MAJOR Upgrade to Online Learning Management System, (sorry some links still in work), but all ...

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