QIMT Training Modules

Each QIMT training module has a similar layout of the site main page along with other tools specific to the type of 'area'. The tools available to you are:

 User Help Forum

Each 'Area' has a "Help Forum". Please use these help forums to post any questions you encounter in the lesson material or for any problem you are having with the site or course. Posts are responded to in our courses, typically within 24 hours.

Online Instructor 

The instructor's job is to provide tutoring and support to help you learn the material and meet the course objectives. When you have a question or a problem, you can contact the instructor either by clicking on the instructor's name and sending them a message, or you can post your question in the user help forum, which the instructor monitors.

Auto-Linking Glossary

The metrology glossary on this site is integrated throughout the site, including the lesson modules. When you encounter a difficult term in the material, it should be hyper-linked to the glossary. If a term is not hyper-linked and you think it should be, contact the instructor, or you can submit the term into the glossary leaving the definition blank. QIMT Admin approves all entries and will see your term and add the definition and approve for use. 

Study Notes

QIMT uses the Mediabird Study Notes system so that our users can have a notes tool while studying online. For more information about this powerful notes and collaboration tool, click HERE.

Self-Paced Lessons

In each module are self-paced lessons that you are to complete. These lessons contain:

  • Course Text: Auto-linked to glossary to provide a quick pop-up definition when needed.
  • Audio Voice-overs of the text: To assist in comprehending the material.
  • Self-Quizzes: To test your comprehension of the material

Course Test & Certificate

Each course has a formal open book test that you must pass to recieve your "Certificate". The certificate is provided in a pdf download file. These certificates are databased for preservation. All issued certificates contain a unique 'serial number' that can be used to verify your achievement at QIMT.

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