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UncertaintyToolboxAddin for Microsoft® Excel® 64 & 32Bit 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021 & Office365-Desktop Version

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6.63 2-May-2024

UncertaintyToolbox™ also includes Specific and Global Risk Analysis Tools:

1) ILAC G8/09:2019 and ISO14253-1:2017 compliant False Accept Risk and False Reject Risk Analysis and Management Templates

2) ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 complaint 2% FAR Management Template

Risk Management Templates link directly with the applicable measurement uncertainty estimate ensuring the latest estimate of uncertainty is applied to the resulting decision risk analysis.

Designed for use in Metrology (Measurement Science), when the need to "Show Your Work" Matters!

Hello, my name is James Jenkins, and when it comes to UncertaintyToolbox™, simply put, I built it and continue to improve it, and most importantly, I use it. As an analyst, I have probably used it more than anyone else. From my work at NASA assisting in measurement uncertainty analysis, to assisting hundreds of laboratories world-wide, I have put this software to the test over and over again. The more I used it, the more time-saving features I added. You could say, this software evolved while on the job.

Here is where I am supposed to tell you about the software, features, comparisons to others, etc. But the first thing people notice about UncertaintyToolbox™ is that it is different in many ways. It's nothing like traditional packaged commercial software, and once you discover the benefits of these "differences", you will be glad it's different. 


To begin with, we don't consider ourselves to actually be in the “Software Business”, but rather, in the business of developing “Software-Based Solutions” for modern laboratories to use in meeting the laboratory competency requirements as put forth via ISO/IEC17025 Laboratory Accreditation. It could be because I am a Metrologist, a consultant in measurement science, programming is just a means to an end for me, so I built what I wanted, ignoring the typical "Software Business" product model. 


One of the major differences is that all the maths used in our Templates are deliberately kept in the worksheets and viewable for appropriate assessment, eliminating the need for elaborate "validation". In any practical science application, “show your work” is a fundamental practice, which is often hindered by math-based software that treats the applied math as “proprietary”. We refer to these products that come with a "Trust Me" requirement as “Black Box Software”. 

In the case of measurement uncertainty analysis, according to a defined method (ISO GUM Method), of which the result and process of arriving at the result, is to be assessed by an independent auditor (as per Laboratory Accreditation Requirements), “show your work” matters. In fact, showing your work is required for all values presented in the laboratories "Scope of Accreditation"! With UncertaintyToolbox™, ALL applied math is deliberately put into the Template worksheets and made visible for evaluation and to provide an understanding of the applied process.


Besides, exposing all of our math for review, another major difference is instead of using some economical, remote 3rd party math engine, we choose the math engine used by many National Metrology Institutes; Microsoft® Excel®. And by designing our product in Excel®, we gain the advantage of allowing users to expand the product, such as, with the use of Custom Industry Specific Templates.

All of this explains why UncertaintyToolbox™ is often given as an example of what type of analysis report is required for Laboratory Accreditation to ISO/IEC17025. Plus, we do not place restrictions in the provision of the resulting analyses, built with our templates in Microsoft® Excel®, to your assessor or any other reviewers. UncertaintyToolbox™ reports consist of an Excel® Workbook containing all the math applied in arriving at the given result, as it should be.


UncertaintyToolbox™ is widely used and referenced by many accreditation assessors and accredited laboratories: After encountering users of our software in the field, numerous assessors from several accreditation bodies have made it a point to contact us and compliment us on our software and the apparent quality of our training, as it made their job much easier. Many assessors, which are also laboratory managers, use it in their laboratory. At present UncertaintyToolbox™ is being used by over 1000 individuals, representing numerous laboratories worldwide.

No assessor or accrediting body has ever rejected our software, rather, Quametec continually receives compliments pertaining to our software and our training in Uncertainty Analysis by numerous assessors and other consultants. 

Quametec's Measurement Uncertainty Class, with hands-on training using UncertaintyToolbox™,  is deemed by many in the industry to be the best training available for those needing to compute measurement uncertainties on a regular basis. This is due to several reasons;

  1. The class size is limited in the number of attendees to ensure each and every attendee successfully learns how to analyze the uncertainty of measurement as it relates to their laboratory.
  2. The class is four days long, instead of the typical one or two days "Basic Training" offered by AB's and others.
  3. The class includes hands-on training with real-world examples submitted by the attendees. 


With the mathematical power of Microsoft® Excel® combined with our custom-designed template tools and interface that provides automatic linking from one budget to up to 25 sub-budgets, each with up to 25 entries and the ability to auto-link from each of those to 25 other sub-budgets, etc. ...well, you get the picture. UncertaintyToolbox™ has been designed to be able to compute the measurement uncertainty for any measurement process in known existence. Should we find that this software is unable to compute a measurement process due to any limitation in the design of the software, we will initiate corrective action immediately.


With "Black Box" type software, one can only put in numbers that produce known calculated results in an effort to "validate" the software calculations. UncertaintyToolbox™ is unique in several ways which affect the traditional approach to validation. The software is designed to allow the user to view all the formulas being used and calculated by the Excel® math engine. Microsoft® Excel® is used by millions of businesses, as well as many universities worldwide and its math engine is considered suitably validated for use at National Laboratories and Government Institutions. This leaves only the correctness of the formulas used in the "Master Templates", which are viewable in any output analysis.

The user is encouraged to reverse engineer the calculations in the templates for two purposes, to ensure that they understand what the "tool" is doing for them and to validate the use of the templates in their organization if required. Several of our clients have compared results from our software with many of our competitors' software, the results have always agreed within 5 significant digits or more. Considering that the ISO GUM method of uncertainty analysis produces estimates that can reasonably be assumed to be in error by at least 10% of the resulting value, five digits are more than enough to consider the results to be relatively equal.

UncertaintyToolbox™ is accepted for use in legal metrology in North America and is recognized by numerous Accrediting Bodies as being suitably validated and acceptable for use in meeting the requirements of ISO/IEC17025. Therefore, no user validation of the calculations are needed per ISO/IEC17025, due to its' unique viewable-formulas design and being widely used in the metrology industry.


UncertaintyToolbox™ is an add-in for Microsoft® Excel®, providing User Forms, Wizards and Templates, designed to assist the measurement uncertainty analyst in modeling any measurement performed by mankind, in accordance with the ISO “Guide to the expression of Uncertainty in Measurement” Analysis Method. Some of the most complex measurements on earth have been modeled in UncertaintyToolbox™.

Its design includes a standard set of Excel® Templates along with the capability to incorporate “Custom Templates” for specific industry applications. UncertaintyToolbox™ adds the power, compatibility, and reliability of Microsoft® Excel® ensuring that the resulting reports can be reviewed by anyone using Microsoft® Excel®.

While UncertaintyToolbox™ employs several “Templates”, each of these templates are automatically linked together using one of several Wizard's. Any value changed/updated anywhere in the workbook reflects into the final value, as it should. In other words, all the calculations on each page, and each page with respect to the overall analysis, are linked together into one giant formula.


The first tool one uses in building a measurement uncertainty or decision rule risk analysis with UncertaintyToolbox™, is the Main User Interface. This interface makes easy work of importing templates, along with copying and editing them. It also provides system security and contains the User Settings, Preferences and Default Information to be inserted into the analysis.


Many of the templates contain an Entry Wizard. Which is designed to make easy work out of filling in all the specifics.


One of the best features of UncertaintyToolbox™, is that the final report is basically just an Excel® Workbook. It stands alone, with no need for the add-in to be installed on any reviewers' computer. Once the analysis is constructed, the only thing needed to review and/or edit entries in the Uncertainty Analysis is Microsoft® Excel®. This difference alone makes UncertaintyToolbox™ the hassle-free solution in addressing the computation of measurement uncertainty under the requirements of Laboratory Accreditation to ISO/IEC17025.


To create an uncertainty analysis in UncertaintyToolbox™ requires knowledge of the ISO GUM Method, as well as knowledge pertaining to the physics associated with the measurement method and the equipment utilized in the process. Training, samples, and guidance from Quametec are available to help the analyst quickly get up to speed in completing their required analyses correctly.

Quametec offers various avenues to get your staff the necessary training and assistance required to become a competent measurement uncertainty analyst for their organization.


1. Formal Public Classes: Includes hands-on training with after-class support and a unique learning guarantee.

2. Online Self-Paced Training: The Quametec Institute of Measurement Technology, provides a truly “Self-Paced” online learning experience. Participants receive a minimum of 120 days access, with extensions provided at no additional charge. Tuition includes private online GoToMeeting® tutoring sessions, as needed, to ensure the student has correctly learned the process of performing a measurement uncertainty analysis.

3. Private Tutoring/Assistance via Online GoToMeeting® Sessions: For those needing quick, economical assistance and/or advanced training in Measurement Uncertainty Analysis, Quametec offers tutoring, group training, and technical assistance via online GoToMeeting® Sessions with flexible scheduling and NO cancellation fees.


The differences with UncertaintyToolbox™ don’t end with software design, our support is also very different from the standard model. Our users interact with us and other users in an online User Group, open to all licensed users of the software. 

The User Group facilitates sharing of analyses and forum discussions where they can get questions pertaining to uncertainty, accreditation, and metrology answered, along with various other neat features.

Desktop Installation Support is provided for a period of 1 year from purchase. For a nominal fee of $275/year, users receive free upgrades to new versions and  desktop installation support provided directly to the end-user or their IT professional, as applicable.

ACCEPTABILITY: The "Traditional Budget" Difference!

It has come to our attention that some of our competitors "blackbox" type software product uncertainty reports have recently been rejected by A2LA for use in supporting uncertainty estimates listed on the laboratories Scope of Accreditation, due to the math not being accessible for evaluation, like with a "Traditional Uncertainty Budget". Our software meets the letter of the scientific requirement to "Show your Math", as our software is designed to produce "Traditional Uncertainty Budgets" containing ALL the math. However, this does not mean that if you provide an analysis that is technically incorrect that it will be accepted.

By being involved directly with numerous accrediting bodies since the inception of Quametec, we clearly understood the scientific expectation of needing to "show our work". Therefore, we designed our software from the very beginning using "Traditional Budgets" (as now required by A2LA R205b) along with viewable formulas to meet these expected policies. 

Simply put; UncertaintyToolbox "Software" is a Microsoft® Excel® add-in, which provides no computations, rather it is used to assist the user in creating "Traditional Uncertainty Budgets" in Microsoft® Excel® which stand on their own, containing ALL the required math in the worksheets themselves. Just as it would be if the user created the budget entirely themselves using Microsoft® Excel® following the ISO GUM Method.

While we appreciate the idea of protecting our work, the scientific need to show our work, especially in the area of uncertainty estimation, clearly outweighed the desire to secure our work from those who would copy it and illegally use it as their own. This is another difference that puts UncertaintyToolbox™ in a category all its own. A difference, our software users appreciate.

2024 Pricing for UncertaintyToolboxUser License

NOTE: Quametec provides software sales and support to companies and individuals located in North America under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). International Companies using our software world-wide need to route all sales via their North America location.

US Dollars

Current Pricing
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* Software Upgrade Fee w/1-year Software Support**
1 user license
$ 1,295 per user
$ 275 per user/year
$ 995 *per user
2 or more
$ 1,095 per user
$ 275 per user/year $ 850 *per user

Software and User Group Membership is transferable to any other employee at your company, upon request at no charge. The software comes with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee!

*UPGRADE FEE: If you have a license for an older version of UncertaintyToolbox™ and you have NOT maintained an ongoing "Software Support" subscription, you can upgrade to the newest version at the given upgrade price, which includes one year of "Software Support"**.

** SOFTWARE SUPPORT: User licenses come with one-year free "Software Support" which provides the user with desktop assistance for installation issues, along with software updates and upgrades to any new version released during that period. 

The "Software Support" service is optionally available on a continuing basis at a cost of $275 per license per year. Software updates addressing fixes are always provided free. Upgrades and updates are made available as downloads from this website in the "UncertaintyToolbox™ Users Group" section. 

We update the software frequently as we continue to improve the functionality of the software for even greater efficiency of use with new time-saving features along with updating our code as needed for compatibility purposes as Microsoft releases new versions of Excel.

After your free year of the "Software Support" program expires, you will be contacted and notified with an option to renew your "Software Support" subscription, which will provide you with continued desktop installation support, as needed, and upgrades to new versions as they occur without any additional charge.

NOTICE: UncertaintyToolbox™ software use REQUIRES Microsoft® Excel® 32bit or 64bit 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021 or Office365 (Windows Desktop Version), which is NOT included! We test UncertaintyToolbox™ prior to release using the latest version of Excel® via Office365. 

Orders placed from Michigan will have a 6% sales tax added.


Call 1-810-225-8588 (Monday thru Thursday, 9 am to 4 pm EST) to purchase UncertaintyToolbox™.

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, Checks or Purchase Orders (must be paid in full prior to delivery). 

Once your order has been processed you will receive a license number and an access code that will give you access into the "UncertaintyToolbox™ User Group" found on this site. You will need to create your free QIMTonline User Account, then use the access code provided by Quametec™ to get into the UncertaintyToolbox™ User Group area. There you can download the software by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page, you will need your license number as provided from Quametec™ to install the software on your computer(s). 

NOTE: This is a per user license, not a per computer, meaning, you can install it on multiple computers for your personal use.

UncertaintyToolbox™ is one of many products developed by James D Jenkins; the Founder and President of Quametec™ and a recognized trainer of assessors and laboratory personnel world-wide in the practical application of the ISO GUM Method in meeting the measurement uncertainty analysis requirements as per ISO/IEC17025 laboratory accreditation.

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