Try a QIMTonline Metrology Course for FREE!

To allow you to see how well our unique online training methods will work for you, we have created some short metrology courses that are FREE approve!

These courses are complete with a "Certificate of Achievement" issued upon successful completion of the self-tests and a passing grade on the final test.

Currently we have two FREE metrology courses available:

  1. "Introduction to International Metrology"
    1. This course is a very good course for those new to the international metrology cooperative structure. If terms like BIPM, CGPM, and ILAC are not familiar to you, this course is where you should start.
      1. NOTE: this course does not include the audio and video extras that are found in our other courses and is still in our older lesson delivery system. On next update, this course will be transferred into our new delivery system, with audio and video added.  
  2. "Measurements Overview: Introduction"
    1. This mini-course is the introductory course for the QIMT1200 "Measurements Overview" series of courses.
    2. Take this course to see our latest course layout and delivery system. It includes video, audio, illustrations, and pictures.

Girl with LaptopIf you haven't "logged in" yet, you will need to do so before you can access these free courses. If you have not registered for a login yet, it is free, what are you waiting for? thoughtful

Once you set up your free user account and login to our site, you will have access to these free courses along with many other features that are not even visible until you login. cool

(For the record; Metrology is NOT meteorology. We do not predict the weather, although we calibrate the devices used by meteorologists. While we understand the importance of weather, we generally work in laboratories where the climate is controlled.) wink

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