QIMT Library & Student Lounge cool

Things to do in the QIMT Library & Student Lounge:

  • Read paper and documents written by QIMT Staff.
  • Watch a Video.
  • Access your study notes. The Mediabird Study Notes system is fully accessible from the lounge area.
  • Meet up with friends and associates or make new friends in the Lounge Chat Room.
  • Discuss whatever you want in the Lounge Forum. Word of advice: You may want to consider avoiding politics, religion, and other sensitive topics. But as long as your post is not offensive, you can post it.
  • Read our selected Metrology & Science News Feeds.

We will be adding other features to our Student Lounge over time. Drop us a line if you have any suggestions? We are looking for math and other games that enhance our learning objectives. Do you know of any that are legal to share? Do you know of any good Metrology RSS News Feeds?

We hope you enjoy using the QIMT Library/Lounge and find it conducive to learning! approve Click on the displayed "Moderator's" name and drop us a line letting us know what you think about this area.thoughtful

Help with Search courses

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