Metrology & Measurement Uncertainty Consultants

Metrology Consultants

Currently, we have two organizations working with us to provide this option to our customers. One in the USA and one in Canada. However, in many cases, due to online services for desktop meetings and training, location may not be an issue.

The metrology consulting specialists listed below are familiar with the proper use of UncertaintyToolbox™ and have extensive metrology backgrounds. You are encouraged to review their areas of expertise and discuss your needs directly with them.

1) TechTrology, LLC

Contact: Harry Spinks

Phone Number: (625) 252-1147


Location:Minnesota, USA



2) Bluvshtein Consulting

Contact: Ilia Bluvshtein, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Phone Number: 

  • Res: (416) 663-3594
  • Cell: (519) 365-2437


Location:Toronto, Canada


NOTE: If you are a consultant proficient in measurement uncertainty analysis and the use of UncertaintyToolbox™ and would like to be added to this list, contact James Jenkins of Quametec at 810-225-8588. 

If you are proficient in measurement uncertainty analysis but NOT familiar with UncertaintyToolbox™ and would like to know more about our software and its use in meeting the requirements of ISO/IEC17025 accreditation contact us to discuss. 

We often provide assessors and consultants FREE access to our webinar training sessions and FREE access to the latest version of UncertaintyToolbox™. Once qualified, we will add you to this list, for which there is no charge. Our objective is to be able to meet the demand of our software customers in finding technical assistance when needed.

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