QIMT1200 Series:

Measurements Overview

Series Description:

QIMT1200 is a parallel series of courses, which provide a introduction to, and description of, typical measurements performed in the dimensional, physical and electrical disciplines in science and industry. Laboratory and industrial instruments used to perform linear, configuration, electrical and physical, (temperature, force, pressure, torque and rotation) measurements are introduced and discussed in this series. The causes of typical measurement errors and associated measurement uncertainties when using these devices are also discussed.

To facilitate modular learning of any particular measurement discipline, this series is divided into three courses covering:

      1. Dimensional Measurements
      2. Physical Measurements
      3. Electrical Measurements
This allows a participant to take the course for the discipline of measurement that they are interested in studying, without having to take those they are not interesting in studying at this time. You choose one or more of the associated courses that are part of this series, as desired. The series introductory course is a free course common to all three discipline specific courses. It is a very short course, in comparison, so we decided to list it as a FREE course in order to provide you a start in your online learning experience, while test driving our unique training delivery system.

Series Prerequisites:

Participants in this series of courses should have basic math skills and be somewhat familiar with the concept of why calibration programs are needed in general industry.

QIMT Rating Level:
This series rates as one of our mid-level metrology series of courses. We have had numerous requests to provide training at this level in metrology, although if we had "QIMT1100 - Basic Metrology" ready, we would make it a "recommended prerequisite. The courses in this series are ideal for the beginner to mid-level technician working with measurement devices in commercial, scientific, legal and industrial laboratories.

Index of Courses:

This series contains four separate courses. Three discipline specific courses and one topic introduction course.

Courses Index & Summary
  • QIMT1210: Product Quality and Measurement Basics
    • DURATION: 1 hour or less; estimated*
    • COST: FREE
    • PREREQUISITES: Meet the "Series Prerequisites" listed above.
  • QIMT1220: Dimensional Measurements
    • DURATION: ≈10 hours; estimated*
    • COST: $TBD (USD)
  • QIMT1203: Physical Measurements
    • DURATION: ≈10 hours; estimated*
    • COST: $TBD (USD)
  • QIMT1204: Electrical Measurements
    • DURATION: ≈10 hours; estimated*
    • COST: $TBD (USD)

* These estimates will be updated with statistical results once enoungh students work through the courses.

For more information; go to the individual summary for each course in this series, listed below.
NOTE: This series is in final stages of release, only the courses currently open for enrollment, or within 72 hours of being opened, are listed below.

The QIMT Difference:
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Help with Search courses
This FREE mini-course provides the necessary basics needed to complete any of the other three more in-depth discipline specific courses that are part of the QIMT-1200 "Measurements Overview" series.

At the completion of this course, the student will have an understanding of the basics pertaining to the need to monitor and control variation in product quality via measurements and statistics.

This course is a prerequisite for QIMT-1220, 1230, or 1240 courses.

Course Length ≈ 1 hour or less