QIMT provides various groups, companies and/or other organizations with private 'areas' to support group member interaction and collaboration activities. This includes the ability to design and manage their own private custom training programs via the QIMT LMS. Plus, many other features such as chat rooms, forums and group access to common files for use or group discussion.

Other applications include BETA and Auto-LMS Transfer Areas
These areas are private with access reserved to their members with full control by their designated area manager.

Help with Search courses
This is a private area where AutoLMS (Quality System) Clients can interface with the AutoLMS Developer and other Laboratories which are part of the AutoLMS CIP Initiative.

Features Include:

1. Upload Single Files up to 2MB in size directly to Quametec.

2. Arrange to receive a Private Dropbox Link to upload the Entire LMS for Update/Review.

3. Stay updated on the Latest Information regarding AutoLMS

4. Links for Downloading your AutoLMS from a Private Dropbox Account are providing directly to your given Email Address. NOTE: Please keep your Profile Current. (Click on your name at the top of the window, to access your Profile.

Other NEW Features are in-development with the updating of our site, that will be implemented over time.