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Performance testing

(laboratory) Determination of the testing capability of a laboratory, by comparing tests performed between laboratories.

Preventive measures

(opposite of repressive measure) are used for market surveillance and are taken before marketing a measuring instruments, i.e. the instrument has to be type-approved and verified.

Primary laboratory

Laboratory that performs internationally adopted fundamental metrological research and which realises and maintains standards at the highest international level.

Primary method

A method of the highest metrological quality which when implemented can be described and understood completely, and for which a complete uncertainty budget can be provided in SI units, the results of which can therefore be accepted without reference to a standard for the magnitude being measured.

Primary reference material

See reference material, primary.

Primary standard

Standard that is designated or widely acknowledged as having the highest metrological qualities and whose value is accepted without reference to other standards of the same quantity

Principle of measurement

The scientific foundation of a method of measurement.


Artefact that defines a unit of measurement. The kilogram prototype (1 kg weight) in Paris is today the only prototype in the SI system.


Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, the national metrological institute of Germany.


Proficiency testing schemes