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International Electrotechnical Commission.


International Laboratory Accreditation Coorperation

Indication (of a measuring instrument)

Value of a (measurable) quantity provided by a measuring instrument.

Influence quantity

Quantity that is not the measurand (quantity subject to measurement) but that affects the result of the measurement.

Instrument constant

Coefficient by which the direct indication of a measuring instrument must be multiplied to give the indicated value of the measurand or be used to calculate the value of the measurand.

International (measuring) standard

Standard recognised by international agreement as suitable for international use as a basis for determining the value of other standards for a given magnitude.


Instituto Português da Qualidade, the national metrological institute of Portugal.


Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements, Joint Research Centre under the European Commission.


International Organisation for Standardisation.

ISO/IEC 17025

ISO/IEC 17025 is the main standard used by testing and calibration laboratories. Originally known as ISO/IEC Guide 25, ISO/IEC 17025 was initially issued by the International Organization for Standardization in 1999. There are many commonalities with the ISO 9000 standard, but ISO/IEC 17025 adds in the concept of competence to the equation. And it applies directly to those organizations that produce testing and calibration results.

Since its initial release, a second release was made in 2005 after it was agreed that it needed to have its quality system words more closely aligned with the 2000 version of ISO 9001...for more info...CLICK HERE.