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Legal metrology

See Metrology, legal.

Maintenance of a measurement standard

Set of measures necessary to preserve the metrological characteristics of a measurement standard within appropriate limits.

Market surveillance

used to enforce legal metrology

Material measure

Device intended to reproduce or supply, in a permanent manner during its use, one or more known values of a given quantity. e.g. a weight, a volume measure, a gauge block, or a reference material.

Maximum permissible errors (of a measuring instrument)

Extreme values of an error permitted by specifications, regulations, etc. for a given measuring instrument.


Particular quantity subject to measurement.

Measure, material

Device intended to take a measurement, alone or in conjunction with supplementary devices.


Set of operations for the purpose of determining the value of a quantity.

Measurement procedure

Set of operations, described specifically, used in the performance of particular measurements according to a given method.

Measurement standard, etalon

Material measure, measuring instrument, reference material or measuring system intended to define, realise, conserve or reproduce a unit or one or more values of a quantity to serve as a reference.