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International Vocabulary of basic and general terms in Metrology.


WebOps™ is short for "Web-based interactive training workshOps".

WebOps™ are:

highly interactive and customized to the particular clients needs, with the objective of providing training as needed, while completing actual work as delineated on the client submitted "Task List". Sort of a combination of training customized to the needs of the participants, along with guidance and hands-on completion of tasks needing performed by the laboratory; a modernized variation of OJT (On the Job Training).

WebOps™ mirrors the use of "Webinar" which is short for "Web-based seminar".
WebOps™ differ from Webinars, in numerous ways;

WebOps™ ares:
  1. Used to provide interactive training, tutoring, remote project management, guidance and technical assistance.
  2. Objective based, with each session having a defined objective, often delineated to address the client's "Task to be Completed List".
  3. Often part of a project management service and limited to the personnel involved.
  4. Customized to the needs of a particular client, and therefore nearly always private.
  5. Highly interactive with the pace controlled by the participants.
  6. Scheduled as needed and/or desired by the client, with no cancellation fees, until all objectives are met.
  7. Flexible in session duration and may consist of multiple sessions during the completion of a particular project.
WebOps™ is a trademark of the Quametec Corporation.
Source: QIMT

Working range

Set of values of measurands for which the error of a measuring instrument is intended to lie specified limits.

Working standard

Standard normally used routinely to calibrate or check material measures, measuring instruments reference materials.


World Trade Organisation.