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Proficiency testing schemes

Quantity (measurable)

Attribute of a phenomenon, body or substance that may be distinguished qualitatively and determined quantitatively.

Quantity derived

Quantity defined, in a system of quantities, as a function of base quantities of that system.

Quantity dimension

Expression that represents a quantity of a system of quantities as the product of powers of factors that represent the basic quantities of the system.

Random error

Result of a measurement minus the mean that would result from an infinite number of measurements of the same measurand carried out under repeatability conditions.

Reference conditions

Conditions of use prescribed for testing the performance of a measuring instrument or for the intercomparison of results of measurements.

Reference material (CRM), certified

Reference material, accompanied by a certificate, which has one or more properties whose value is certified by a procedure that establishes traceability to the accurate realisation of the unit in which the values of the properties are expressed, and for which each certified value is accompanied by a stated uncertainty with a given level of confidence.

Reference material (RM)

Material or substance one or more of whose property values are sufficiently homogenous and well established to be used for the calibration of an apparatus, the assessment of a measurement method, and for assigning values to materials.

Reference material, primary

Reference material that has the highest metrological qualities and whose value is determined by the use of a primary method.

Reference standard

In general the standard of the highest metrological quality which is accessible at a given location or in a given organisation, and from which measurements taken at the locality are derived.