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From the Greek word “metron” = measurement. The science of measurement.

Metrology Engineer

One who capable in the design of measurement processes to meet specified capabilities and/or facilitates the development of the measurement methods used in measurement processes. This requires an understanding of the physics involved and the uncertainty contributors that are significant to the process capability.

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Metrology Technician

One who capable in the performance of measurement processes of one or more metrology disciplines. This requires a basic understanding of the physics involved and how to guard against the undesirable influences the operator can have on the measurement result.

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Metrology, fundamental

There is no international definition of the expression “fundamental metrology” but this expression stands for the most accurate level of measurement within a given discipline.

Metrology, industrial

Ensures appropriate function of the measuring instruments used in industry as well as in production and testing processes.

Metrology, legal

Ensures accuracy of measurement where measured values can affect health, safety, or the transparency of financial transactions.

Metrology, scientific

Endeavours to organise, develop and maintain measuring standards.


The Measuring Instruments Directive


Standards and Metrology Institute of Slovenia, the national metrological institute of Slovenia.

MKSA system

A system of measurement units based on Metres, Kilograms, Seconds and Amperes. In 1954 the system was extended to include the Kelvin and the Candela. It was then given the name “SI system”.