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Getting Started

QIMTonline is designed to provide numerous online Metrology and ISO/IEC17025 services to the metrology community, such as:

  • Instructor Supported, Self-Paced, Online Training Courses 
  • Live Interactive Training and Assistance via GoToMeeting™
  • Metrology Software User Groups 
  • Metrology Articles and Documents 

To participate and make use of these services and more, you need to set up a Free User Account and become an “Authenticated User”. User accounts are FREE to set up and FREE to use. In fact, you will find many services on this site are FREE.

As a “Guest” you are limited to:

  • Reading the Front Page 
  • Reading Front Page Documents 
  • Accessing the Glossary 
  • Downloading Articles 

Once you become an “Authenticated User” you can:

  • Do everything a “Guest” can PLUS; 
  • Join the “Metrology Freeware User Group”(FREE), where you can;
    • Download Metrology Freeware 
    • Provide Feedback in the Feedback Forum 
    • Get Support in the User Forum 
    • Interface with the Developer and other Users 
    • or get involved in helping us make more Metrology Freeware 
  • Join online Metrology Software User Groups 
  • Enroll into Instructor Supported Online Self-Paced Courses

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If you have any questions or problems using our site, go to the User Help Forum or contact QIMTonline support directly at 1-810-225-8588 M-F 9am to 4pm EST.

Modular Online Training

 QUAMETEC Institute of Measurement Technology (QIMT) provides online modular training in metrology, measurement uncertainty, risk analysis, ISO/IEC17025 and Z540.3. QIMT uses a unique modular training approach to provide maximum flexibility in meeting individual training requirements via multiple methods of online delivery.

Each Modular Training Plan (MTP) can be tailored to fit the trainee's skill level and educational objectives. Trainees' no longer need be forced to accept a standard curriculum which may include previously mastered topics or material unrelated to his or her particular field of study.

Methods of Online Training Delivery

(GoToMeeting™ and Instructor Supported Self-Paced Online Courses)

Our unique modular training programs are delivered online via self-paced, multimedia, instructor supported courses and LIVE Web Based Workshops (GoToMeeting™). We support our students and other online users with free metrology forums, metrology glossary, and metrology software user groups.

The QIMT Unique Learning Guarantee

Quametec is known for its unique learning guarantee. We want you to achieve you learning objectives.

Self-Paced Courses:

POLICY: If you enroll into one of our online self-paced courses, you will encounter the online course instructor. This person is there to ensure you get assistance, as needed, to successfully pass the course. You can interface with the instructor in many ways, QIMT online messenging, email, telephone, VOIP, & GoToMeeting. In some courses, a internet online meeting combined with telephone or VOIP is part of the curriculum, in the rest it is a tool available to the instructor should the need for direct tutoring arise. If you pay for a self-paced course at QIMT, our staff will work with you to ensure that your are 100% satisfied with your learning experience, or we will refund the tuition fee. And to ensure you have enough time to meet your learning objectives, QIMT provides you at least 120 days access to any of our self-paced course, with extensions available as needed. Otherwise, it wouldn't truly be "self-paced".

Online Instructor Supported Self-Paced Learning Programs

QIMTonline provides self-paced*, online instructor supported, metrology and measurement uncertainty courses that utilize one or more of the following features;

Course lessons with audio, pictures, diagrams, video, printable text and self-quizzes, user forums, message system, activities, downloadable tools, chat rooms, private one-on-one web meetings, assignments, secure final test, private grading system and serialized certificate generator.

We have over 100 metrology training courses in work that were originally developed for, and used by, the US Air Force and Navy under the MIMT program, of which Quametec purchased the copyrights. These proven self-paced metrology training materials are being updated and implemented into our unique instructor supported online learning management system and will be made available as soon as they are ready.

QIMT provides truly "Self-Paced"* training, as each student gets a large, expandable window of access to the lesson materials. Many online training providers only offer small windows of access to course material, such as 2 weeks or less, and then charge the student more for any extension or re-scheduling. Another QIMT major difference worth noting, is that all of our online courses are supported with a qualified instructor to assist students in their learning objectives.

*Self-Paced: Each course has a starting "Enrollment Period". These periods range from at least 90 to 120 days. If a student needs more time to complete a course, they can request an extension, which is typically granted at no additional charge.

Online Course Tuition Fees

Where applicable, fees are stated per course and paid online via our secure server at time of enrollment. Costs for self-paced courses are based on a rate of not to exceed $25 per hour of training.

PayPal, PayPal Credit, Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express are accepted.

In courses that have a tuition, downloadable and printable materials are copyrighted and licensed for use by the student. Each course either provides a downloadable textbook or the lessons are programmed to facilitate printing of the complete lesson by the student for their exclusive use as reference materials.

FREE TRAINING: Not all training courses have a tuition fee, for example; "Introduction to International Metrology" is a FREE course which includes a downloadable PDF textbook and a "Certificate of Achievement"!

NOTE: This course is scheduled to be updated and improved with the multimedia enhancements found in our tuition based courses, although it will provide you an opportunity to experience our online learning system in its basic form.

At QIMT, we know what it's like to manage a laboratory and we want to be "convenient" and fit into your schedule, therefore, you will find us quite flexible in working with you to ensure that you and your personnel get the training you need when you need it!

Call us at 1-810-225-8588 for direct assistance.

QIMT: LIVE Internet-Based Training & Technical Assistance

At QIMT we use state-of-the-art internet tools to provide training directly to one or more of your staff via Citrix "GoToMeeting™" desktop sharing services. These sessions are customized to best meet the customer objective, flexible in scheduling, interactive and economical. 

QIMT uses this service for numerous purposes, such as;Man with headset at Computer Station

  • Providing students support in self-paced online training programs
  • Providing customer laboratory staff with training and assistance in:

These private training and assistance sessions are priced per hour, not per student/attendee; another QIMT difference our clients enjoy! 

GoToMeeting™ Specifications

For outstanding state-of-the-art two-way audio communication, the built-in Citrix VOIP system provides much better than typical telephone quality connections, providing you have adequate internet bandwidth, and for those wishing to use their telephone, local toll numbers are provided for the following countries:

United States, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom. If you reside in any of the listed countries, you are provided a local toll number to use. Local toll charges may apply, as applicable to your telephone plan and provider agreement.

The Citrix™ System provides up to 16 simultaneous audio connections, including presenter, allowing for up to 15 different client locations to attend the session at once.

Quametec™ offers a free system test run, in order for your people to experience first-hand how well the proposed training program will work prior to contracting our services. 

Live Video: With GoToMeeting™ we can also send and/or receive live video. This allows us to see items associated with the discussion. The next best thing to being there, without the cost of travel.

(See computer system requirements at the bottom of this page)

Free DEMO Session Consultation and Quote

Call Quametec for more information regarding custom internet based training and assistance services for use in providing your laboratory personnel expert training and technical assistance in metrology, quality, measurement uncertainty and ISO17025 compliance issues. Take advantage of our offer for a FREE objective based quotation to match your needs to an effective training plan with an economical price.

Need expert advice with your accreditation assessment deficiency report? Have some difficult uncertainty analyses to perform? Live sessions with one of our experts is an economical solution you should consider.

Test out this technology with a FREE Demo Session, allowing you and us to determine if this method will work well with your connection and equipment.

QIMT Remote Training = $275 USD per online session hour.

No preparation fees, no attendee fees and no limit to your participating work-group size for up to 15 locations.

Many of our customers use a projector, camera and a speaker phone to accommodate several people at once per location. Training or assistance projects can be cooperatively scheduled over many days or weeks, as desired. 

Call Quametec at 1-810-225-8588 for a free estimate on the number of hours recommended to be contracted to complete your "project" objectives.

Excel® Add-in & Customized Template Software line through the use of Software User Groups on the QIMTonline site, including some Quametec designed FREEWARE Metrology Tools.

Metrology Freeware: Excel® Workbook/VBA Tools

Quametec has developed numerous Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet and VBA software tools over the years. Many of these tools are being released as FREEWARE and can be downloaded from within the “Quametec FREEWARE User Group”. As a member of the User Group, you also get free support for these free products via the User Group Forum. Membership to the “Quametec FREEWARE User Group” is FREE, besides, it wouldn’t be “FREEWARE”, if it wasn’t FREE!  Enjoy! :-)

Product design follows the Quametec standard method of protecting, yet leaving all formulas open for review. Passwords for these products are available for those wishing to customize the tool for their own needs. NOTE: Microsoft® Excel® 2007 or newer is required to utilize these tools. 

The User Group contains a News Forum which you can subscribe to in order to have notices of new FREEWARE releases emailed directly to you. 

Join the “Metrology FREEWARE User Group” and start exploring and downloading today! 

Join a Software User Group

To join a Software User Group you need to have a login account. There is no charge for setting up a login account. You may also need to have an “Enrollment Key”, as you enroll into a User Group using the same Course Enrollment System as you would use to enroll into a course. This does not apply to the FREEWARE User Group. Anyone can join the FREEWARE User Group and download the FREEWARE found there! It does NOT require an "enrollment key".

User groups have the same look and feel as a course without the lessons, assignments, test and certificate. In the User Group window you will find news, forums, product download section, and other specialties per product. 

  • For example; in the "UncertaintyToolbox™ User Group", we have FREE sample analyses that can be downloaded along with a FREE downloadable sample measurement uncertainty procedure to use as a starting point in developing the required procedure for the student's Laboratory Management System. 

Enrollment Key

NOTE: No enrollment key is required for joining the "Metrology FREEWARE User Group".

Enrollment keys are FREE to licensed users of the specific Software User Group product. 

  • For example; all registered "UncertaintyToolbox"™ users, going back to 2002 when it was first released are eligible to join the Uncertainty Toolbox User Group. Quametec sent an email to their address on record, providing them their enrollment key. 
  • Although, If you are a licensed user and did not receive your enrollment key, contact Quametec and request your FREE Enrollment Key so you can take advantage of this new superior support program designed to help you get the most from your metrology software tools. 
  • Those purchasing products from the Quametec site, will now find that they come with the QIMT user group enrollment key. 

Information regarding products listed in the Software User Group section can be found at the Quametec site, with the exception of beta products. Beta products are not available for purchase yet, rather these are User Group areas reserved for Quametec beta testers to provide feedback and download the latest version. 

We like to consider the Software User Group system as our FREE Support Service for all registered users of Quametec metrology software tools.

The Quametec Unique Software Model

Quametec software products are built according to a unique design model to facilitate validation and learning along with exceptional functionality as Professional Tools:

Microsoft® Excel® Based Mathematics

  • World Renowned Math Engine: All Quametec software products are built to run in Microsoft® Excel® using its math engine for all calculations. Yes, we know Excel® has some minor math issues, as do all computers and me one that can fully resolve 22÷7 (π). 
    • Where needed, Quametec has incorporated fixes to correct for known math issues in Excel®. For example, Quametec included a fix for Excel’s standard deviation calculation issue, minor as it may be, in their very first release of "UncertaintyToolbox™".
  • More importantly though, the reason for using Excel® is that it’s math engine is the most tested and validated math engine in the world, making it one of the most popular choices of science organizations around the world. In the world of metrology, Excel® is widely used, including in Legal Metrology applications. 
  • Simply put, the use of Microsoft® Excel® ensures that a significant unknown quantity of mathematical uncertainty does NOT invalidate the calculated result for an uncertainty estimate, as could be the case, via the use of some unknown math engine supported only by claims of being validated by someone. 

Open-View Formula Design

  • We believe that mathematical applications in science should be open for review for easy validation and to learn from. All mathematical formulas built into Quametec software products are open and accessible for viewing. 
  • As an added benefit, we find the open-view design supports learning. For example, in learning the ISO GUM Method of measurement uncertainty analysis, the student encounters numerous formulas. Using "UncertaintyToolbox"™, the student can see those same formula’s, adjusted to a spreadsheet format, in use.

For more information about Quametec's Software supported on this site, see the "Metrology Software for ISO/IEC17025" link on the Main Page.


Quametec Logo

QUAMETEC is a combination of the words; QUAlity, MEtrology, & TEChnology. 

The QUAMETEC name and the logo are based on the realization that advancement in Technology rests on the Capability/Quality of Metrology and the Capability/Quality of Metrology limits the potential of Quality in Manufacturing. Industry relies on measurements to evaluate product quality. Measurements are only estimates, not true values, they are accompanied by some amount of uncertainty. The uncertainty of measurement introduces false accept risk (FAR) and false reject risk (FRR) into these measurement-based decision. Quametec focuses on the practical analysis of uncertainty and its associated risk in measurement-based decisions.

As advancement in technology continues to require measurements of ever increasing accuracy, the uncertainty of these measurements become of great concern. As uncertainty leads to risk, and unaccounted risk leads to disaster.

Quametec was created to address this awareness with training and software solutions designed to address the concept of Measurement Uncertainty (Metrology Quality) Analysis and the associated Risk Analysis pertaining to measurement-based decisions in manufacturing.

About QIMT

QIMT is part of the Quametec™ Corporation, which has been in business since 1998 providing custom practical-in-use metrology software tools, consulting, and training. Quametec™ was created to assist the metrology industry in measurement quality related initiatives; such as ISO/IEC17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540.3. 

Staff members of Quametec™ have served on various international writing committees in the development of recommended practices, guidance documents and ISO standards. We have provided consulting services to national metrology institutes, and laboratories within virtually all industries. 

QIMT is the vision of James D Jenkins, one of the founders of Quametec™. James, who got his start in metrology via the US Navy in 1982, encountered the opportunity, via Quametec™, to purchase the copyrights to all the metrology self-paced training courses which were used by the US Navy and US Air Force to train laboratory personnel under the MIMT Program. 

He then set out to build and/or acquire the necessary on-line tools needed to provide these training materials, in an economical and effective way, to those who need them no matter where they reside.This acquisition, combined with 10 years of training experience in the provision of metrology training to science and industry, lead to the development of the "Quametec™ Institute of Measurement Technology" and this website. 

James is also the developer of numerous metrology software products, commercial and freeware. As a rule, the software James develops is built in Microsoft® Excel® and VBA®, in order to take advantage of the world’s most validated math engine and to create works that are viewable for direct validation, yet protected from tampering. To support learning and to protect our clients’ investment, the VBA® Source Code is available for any of these products; some are free, others have a fee. 

These products are not only Professional Metrology Tools for the workplace, but with all the math formulas viewable to the user, they are great training tools. Because of the potential facilitation of learning using these software products, we have made support of these products a function of the institute via our online Software User Groups. 

QIMT Staff

Quametec is owned and operated by James D Jenkins and Karen L. Moor. 

James D Jenkins – QIMT Administrator / Curriculum Developer / Online Instructor 

James has basically been a student and researcher of everything metrology related since 1982. He spent nearly 36 months taking every metrology course he could access while in the US Navy. After qualifying in nearly all disciplines of Navy Metrology, he was selected via a Navy-wide search to provide technical review of proposed calibration and maintenance programs for classified technical systems. He worked in that position until he left the Navy and went to work in commercial calibration. 

Over the years, James has managed and/or worked in commercial calibration, testing, and research laboratories. Prior to forming the Quametec™ Corporation, James went to work for the Comtel Corporation as the Company Quality Manager, and the Comtel Electronic Services Quality and Technical Manager for the purpose of leading the company to a successful ISO9000 Registration and the calibration laboratory (Comtel Electronic Services) to a successful ISO Guide 25 Accreditation with A2LA. 

This is where he developed his first Quality Systems for ISO 9000 and ISO Guide 25, managed the implementation of the systems, and led the organization in achieving laboratory accreditation via A2LA and ISO9000 registration, for the overall company, via Perry Johnson Registrars. Even at the time when most submitting laboratories were creating their ISO Guide 25 systems according to it's format, James, aware of the upcoming ISO17025, created the Comtel laboratory management system following the ISO17025 Draft Copy, and ensured it was fully compliant with ISO Guide 25 and ISO9000. This foresight allowed the laboratory to easily roll into their ISO/IEC17025 accreditation after James left the company to form the Quametec Corporation in July of 1998. 

Working at Quametec;

As a consultant, James developed numerous ISO/IEC17025 compliant Laboratory Management Systems for testing, calibration, and research laboratories. He has provided consulting and training to hundreds of metrology organizations around the world, including National Metrology Institutes and various NASA and US Defense Contractors. James served as a consultant in the task of updating the US Marine Corp field calibration manual and has worked for both the US Navy & Army on classified projects. 

As a programmer, James has successfully developed several commercial metrology software programs and manages both this website and the website. He is the author of the handbook, “Measurement Uncertainty Analysis Fundamentals” and developer of the “UncertaintyToolbox™” software, the UncertaintyNOW!™ software product line, “CAPA+™ for ISO17025” and numerous freeware metrology tools. He was a contributor to the freeware from HP; "Uncertainty Calculator" Version 3.2, and has developed other metrology freeware tools available via the "Metrology FREEWARE User Group" on this site. In fact, you will find that all the commercial tools developed by James come with an offer allowing users to access the code, ensuring they have full control over their metrology quality tools. For those using Quametec's UncertaintyToolbox™, "there is no uncertainty in how our tool computes uncertainty!"

James is an instructor in ISO17025 compliance, internal auditing and assessing, metrology fundamentals, numerous advanced metrology disciplines involving calibration, measurement uncertainty analysis and measurement decision risk analysis. He has worked an assessor for the Laboratory Accreditation Bureau and is a member of their Technical Advisory Committee, along with being deemed a qualified trainer of assessors in ISO17025 and Measurement Uncertainty. 

He developed a statistical mathematical fix for the application of the Welch-Satterthwaite formula with correlated contributors (validated by NIST) and an improved formula and approach for computing standard deviations with small sample sizes. 

He has used his engineering background, while at Quametec™, to build test stands and a robotic durability testing system, although this is typically not one of our services. Today James spends most of his time here at the institute working on new courses and software. Although, he says if he "ever gets 'free time' again, he is going to build a robot to do his job so he can go fishing", or so he thinks.

James is a past Chairman of the NCSLI Accreditation Resources Committee.

Karen L. Moor -Customer Service Manager and Event Coordinator

Karen has worked in metrology customer service since 1987 and worked with James Jenkins since 1989. Over the years Karen has proven to be the down-to-earth type organizer that a head-in-the-clouds technical research type guy like James needed to help him manage Quametec™. 

Karen provides our customers a friendly direct contact and is the organizer and scheduler for our public workshops and online training. Karen has been a part-owner and operator of Quametec™ since it was founded in 1998.