Quametec™ Software: Designed Specifically to Assist Laboratories in Meeting the ISO/IEC17025 Accreditation Requirements

Practical Software Solutions for Today's Accredited Metrology Laboratories!

AutoLMS™CAPA+™ for ISO17025SI-Trace™LS-Matrix™LME-Scheduler™UncertaintyToolbox™

Quametec™ is a provider of metrology consulting, training, practical software tools and Laboratory Management Systems (LMS) for organizations required to meet the international competency requirements of ISO/IEC17025.

All of our products are integrated into Microsoft® Excel® and Microsoft® Word® for reliability, compatibility, easy customization, and problem free use with Windows. (Apple/Mac compatibility coming soon!)


Our AutoLMS™ Suite of Products working together, provide a Complete Customizable ISO/IEC17025 Compliant Laboratory Management System:
  • AutoLMS™ Documents Package:
    • Includes a Quality Manual and System Management Procedures.
    • Click-to-Open-Documents & Management Module Master List
    • Management Control Panel designed to quickly address actions needed to maintain compliance.
    • and an Automated Digital "Compliance Auditor" which communicates with each optional Modules' respective "Compliance Auditor", effectively monitoring dozens of metrics to keep the laboratory compliant with numerous requirements.
  • AutoLMS™ Supporting Modules (Optional)
    • CAPA+™ for ISO/IEC17025, provides a unique Auto-logging Combo-Form based system that simplifies the handling and reporting of:
      • Complaints
      • Corrective Actions
      • Preventive Actions
      • Nonconforming Work
    • SI-Trace™ is a laboratory measurement equipment traceability and inspection manager designed specifically for ISO/IEC17025.
    • LS-Matrix™ is a Laboratory Staff Matrix and Training Management System designed specifically for ISO/IEC17025.
    • LME-Scheduler™ is a Laboratory Management Event Scheduler for dealing specifically with the required scheduling of events associated with maintaining compliance to ISO/IEC17025.
Software for Estimating Measurement Uncertainty
  • UncertaintyToolbox™ is the #1 Commercial Software Tool used by Accredited Laboratories in the USA, for meeting the Measurement Uncertainty Analysis requirements of ISO/IEC17025 Laboratory Accreditation. It is a general purpose ISO GUM Method measurement uncertainty Analysis System, designed as an Add-in Module for Microsoft® Excel®.
  • UncertaintyNOW!™ Product Line: We will be releasing several products under this category. These products do NOT require measurement uncertainty analysis knowledge, like UncertaintyToolbox™. They are designed for specific processes using specific common industry calibrators, and come with simple instructions to input your process specifics for calculating the measurement uncertainty.
    • UncertaintyNOW!™ Fluke 5520A CMC Manager: This product provides hundreds of budgets addressing most functions of the Fluke 5520A Calibrator. This package is ideal for those using any automated measurement uncertainty calculation software, which does NOT produce the required Spreadsheet type "Budgets" in support of the CMC's listed on the laboratories' Scope of Accreditation.
      • We developed this product in response to industry needs, after a popular software in use by the industry was found deficit for use with CMC's on a laboratories Scope of Accreditation, while acceptable for lower level measurements.
We have several other Measurement Uncertainty software products in Development and/or BETA Testing and will be releasing them as soon as they are ready for commercial use.

The majority of our products are maintained under a Continual Improvement Program (CIP) guided by our users. Applicable products come with an optional membership into the Continual Improvement Program for that product.


All of our software products are supported 24/7 here at the QIMT website in our Software User Groups area. Software support is free for all licensed users of any Quametec software product.

If any of our users have problems getting our software to work correctly on their installation of Microsoft® Office®, we provide free technical assistance via email, telephone and/or the Citrix® 'GoToAssist' service, which facilitates a connection to the user's computer where we can provide direct assistance, supervised under their control.

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