Forum Use Tips

For full functionality in forum use, you will need a browser that works with HTML Editors; such as Internet Explorer and Firefox. Chrome, Opera, and Safari do not work with the HTML editor.

The HTML Editor provides numerous tools useful when posting to a forum such as; text editing, formula creating, spell checking, Word formatting removal tool, 'do' and 'undo' buttons, etc. The HTML Editor tool bar will appear directly above the provided text entry box when you post to a forum. If you do not see this tool bar you are likely not using a browser that supports HTML editing. The formula creation tool takes a little playing with to get the most from it. The formula below was created using the formula tool.

u_{x}=sqrt(u^2_{1}+u^{2}_{2}+...u^2_{n}+2 \rho_{1,2}u_{1}u_{2})

Although while in the text editing box it appears as:

u_{x}=sqrt(u^2_{1}+u^{2}_{2}+...u^2_{n}+2 \rho_{1,2}u_{1}u_{2})

with two dollar signs in front and back. I had to omit the $ signs to get it to show you the text.

Most of our forums allow the person posting to edit their post, providing they do it within 30 minutes. So don't be afraid to post, evaluate your posting and edit as desired to get it to appear as you want.

Use the HTML Editor tools to improve the presentation of your posting. When copying and pasting from Microsoft Word you will need to remove all the MS Word specific 'formatting code'. Use the <> button to see if any code remains after using the "DeWord" button in the HTML editor tools. The "DeWord" button looks like the MS Word logo.

Post your questions in the applicable forum. You can subscribe to any of the forums and have new postings and responses emailed directly to you.
Last modified: Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 12:52 PM