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Calibration and Measurement Capabilities


Czech Metrology Institute, the national metrological institute of the Czech Republic.

Compound standard

Set of similar material measures or measuring instruments that, through their combined use, constitutes a standard.

Conformity assessment

An activity that provides demonstration that specified requirements relating to a product, process, system, person or body are fulfilled, i.e. testing, inspection, certification of products, personnel and management systems.

Conventional true value (of a quantity)

Value attributed to a particular quantity and accepted, sometimes by convention, as having an uncertainty appropriate for a given purpose. Sometimes called “assigned value”, “best estimate of the value”, “conventional value”, or “reference value”.


Euro-Asian cooperation of national metrological institutions.

Correction factor

Factor by which the uncorrected measuring result is multiplied to compensate for a systematic error.

Correction value

Value which added algebraically to the uncorrected result of a measurement compensates for a systematic error.


See Reference material, certified.

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