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James D Jenkins
Re: Measurement Uncertainity Consultant
by James Jenkins - Wednesday, April 6, 2011, 11:35 AM
A good source for metrology consultants is the accrediting bodies. Most of them have a list of consultants that can be downloaded from their sites. I would start with LAB at L-A-B.COM, A2LA at A2LA.ORG, and ACLASS at ACLASSCORP.COM.

FYI for others reading this.
Unfortunately, since we downsized our staff, we (Quametec) have not been able to respond to all requests for quotations for consulting and/or training. We stopped advertising a couple of years back and are re-focusing our efforts on creating new metrology software products for uncertainty analysis.

We have many long standing accreditation support client relationships which are consuming most of our consulting resources, and are unfortunately having to turn some away.