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James D Jenkins
Re: Measurement Uncertainty Budgets
by James Jenkins - Wednesday, April 6, 2011, 11:18 AM
We have a samples section in the UncertaintyToolbox™ User Group. Although it currently is very limited. I will consider your list of measurements when I find some time to post more samples. Currently we have some calibration budgets for balance, micrometer and torque cell and I recently added a CMM use uncertainty analysis to the samples in the User Group area.

Anyone who has an UncertaintyToolbox™ license, no matter when they bought it, are eligible for free membership to the User Group. You can post a request for specific sample analyses in the User Group, although I have to admit, lately it has been taking me a few weeks before I have been able to respond. I hope to be able to invest more time on the Institute site after I release the new software I have been working on for quite some time now.

For the record, I currently am the "technical staff" of Quametec. I developed UncertaintyToolbox™ and am in process of releasing some new metrology software tools. I also manage the websites, provide online tutoring, onsite consulting, manage quality system development projects and teach public and private measurement uncertainty and metrology quality classes.

Quametec currently survives by income derived primarily from consulting and our Quality Assistance and Training programs with organizations like NASA, the US Navy and many commercial calibration and testing laboratories. We make a small steady income from our "UncertaintyToolbox™" software. We used to provide consulting and training services worldwide with a larger staff, however, with US airline security issues, mainly one serious threat from TSA pertaining to the advanced electronics our consultants traveled with, we have pretty much abandoned that business model and re-sized the company to service the Midwest area of the US (driving distances from Michigan). As a result, I find myself very busy and having to unfortunately, turn down many consulting opportunities world-wide. We are hoping that our new software product release will provide us with enough cash flow to allow me to be able to spend time refining numerous uncertainty analysis sample packages to make available to the metrology industry. As you can see, we have no shortage of work or ideas, just limited cash flow and staff.

Thank you for your patience. I would like to encourage our other users to get involved in helping each other via use of this forum. If someone has some samples they are willing to share, they can attach files of any format to replies in this forum, such as Excel or PDF. FYI: For me to post a sample, even though I have hundreds of actual analyses in our files, I have to recreate it because the analyses on file belong to Quametec clients which are protected under confidentiality agreements.

Have a nice day!