Metrology Freeware

As a service to the metrology community, Quametec creates and provides numerous Excel VBA and spreadsheet tools and makes them available exclusively on this site as FREEWARE.

To find out more about the FREEWARE tools that are currently available, go the the Main Page and under the Enrollment Office block, click on "Software User Groups". In the list you will find the "Metrology FREEWARE User Group". You will need to login before you can enroll.

It is FREE to enroll into the "Freeware User Group".

If you do not have a QIMTonline User Account, it too is free. Click on the Login link at top and bottom of this page and follow the on-screen instructions for setting up your FREE user account. All you need is a valid email address, which is only used by Quametec and is not sold or given to any third parties, as permitted by law. (Read the site Privacy Policy for detailed information.

And best of all, we even provide some free support for the freeware in the "Freeware User Group"!big grin

We are continually adding Freeware Software to the User Group site area. Our recent addition, "U95-RangeEstimatorâ„¢" is a FREEWARE tool that computes measurement uncertainty at a single point or across a defined range using Quametec's proven acceptable method of range uncertainty statement calculation. It even provides the range statement in three different formats to meet your needs. We believe this is the best Freeware Measurement Uncertainty Calculator in the World. But, why take our word for it? When you can download it and use it in your workplace for FREE!
Last modified: Tuesday, March 1, 2016, 3:18 PM