Site News is Back

James D Jenkins
Site News is Back
by James Jenkins - Saturday, April 16, 2016, 1:57 PM

For quite some time we have not used "Site News" and put it in the back room, so to speak. Anyways, now that I am investing more time into the Institute, not to mention money, as we just completed a MAJOR Upgrade to Online Learning Management System, (sorry some links still in work), but all courses and the database is working just fine...anyways, I digress, what I was getting to, is we have some great stuff to announce, such as our NEW Model Object Oriented Digital Learning Environment software (Moodle). Well, our uniquely customer version, anyway. So "Site News" has been returned as "QIMT Headline News"

Too many new enhancements to list and discuss here, Most you won't see until we start implementing them. But we are excited as, we have been waiting quite a while for all these improvements to be developed with the bugs minimized, if not completely eliminated.

So watch for some NEW Training Courses to appear this Fall, along with numerous Quametec Software Upgrades to be announced. Oh....I have begun to do some work in the Institute Library. I will be posted numerous links for online metrology documents and software tools soon in the Library. Watch for a Survey to appear in the Library soliciting favorite Metrology Links. We appreciate any contributions any of our members might provide. Thank YOU! 

P.S. I am posting this on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon here in Michigan, of which, I know because I can see it on the other side of the office, out the window...so pardon the "..." and other grammatical issues. Did I mention we just ended one of those "Gray-Sky" periods, we are so famous for here in Michigan (sarc)?

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