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This page provides the history of QIMT and how you can use our modular system to plan a training program for yourself or your laboratory personnel.
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This page provide information about our course format and user tools.
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QIMT offers some of our shorter courses as FREEapprove courses. These are complete courses with a Certificate upon successful completion of all the lessons and the final test.

Page Courses In-Development

This is a listing of the QIMT course modules from the MIMT acquistion that either are available or are in re-write and will be released as soon as they are ready.

Each module consists of several lessons to be completed on-line with our unique online training methods and student support. The following provides detailed information as to the technical coverage of each module.

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This is a basic guide to using the Question and Answer Forums
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Please be advised that these forums are live and uncensored. Please follow general good behavior when posting. No foul language or offensive posts are allowed! Thank You!smile

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Welcome to the Quametec Institute of Measurement Technology's Online, Self-Paced Metrology eLearning Center

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QIMT values your privacy rights!

To support this commitment, we have created a detailed Privacy Statement as part of our User Agreement.

Page Quametec™ Software General Information
This is where you can learn about our software products design and purpose.
Page NEW Product First Look: AutoLMS™
AutoLMS™ for ISO/IEC17025 is a complete Laboratory Management System Continual Improvement Project. It is a modular turn-key laboratory management system which encompasses the use of UncertaintyToolbox™, CAPA+™ and introduces two new products; LS-Matrix™ and SI-Trace™, along with an Automated LMS Frame and document manager.
Page UncertaintyToolbox™
UncertaintyToolbox™ is a Microsoft Excel based Solution for computing ISO GUM Method Measurement Uncertainty Estimates in support of ISO/IEC17025 Laboratory Accreditation.
Page CAPA+™ for ISO/IEC17025
CAPA+™ is a Microsoft Excel based solution for documenting Corrective/Preventive Actions, Complaints, and Nonconforming Work Investigations in ISO/IEC17025 accredited laboratories.
Page Freeware Metrology Software
Quametec™ makes several freeware tools. Simple spreadsheet products that are useful for may laboratory needs.
This is the EULA (End User License Agreement) for the "FREEWARE" software products available on this site for download.
URL VIDEO: What is CAPA+™ for ISO17025?

CAPA+™ for ISO17025 is a very advanced and specialized ISO/IEC17025 Accredited Laboratory Quality Event Hander. 

It features a logical process Combo-Form, which allows Complaints, Non-Conforming Work Investigations, Corrective Action and Preventive Action all on the same form, which unhides sections, as needed. This form is connected to an Auto-Logging System which provides Assessors and Quality Managers a unique over-view of all Quality Related Issues. Designed by a Trainer of Assessors.

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